Navigating through today’s changing landscape of regulations, industry requirements, economic and political uncertainty requires expertise. RiskCap understands these challenges and it is the team’s focus to work with firms operating in the financial services industry around the world, to help evolve the way governance, risk and compliance is managed.

Paul Magro

Founder & Group Managing Director

Paul is RiskCap’s Founder and Managing Director. He has been involved in the financial industry for over a decade across various segments of the industry including the fund industry. During this time he has acquired skills in quantitative analysis, risk management, compliance and governance. He founded RiskCap after completing his PhD in Finance at the University of Bangor in 2013. Paul has been approached and engaged to sit on boards, act as the risk manager and compliance officer to, various financial services firms including funds and managers licensed in multiple jurisdictions. He is also a visiting lecturer at the University of Malta's Banking and Finance department lecturing on alternative investments and financial modelling.

Paul Magro

Founder & Managing Director

Our people are industry professionals who have demonstrated expertise in their chosen discipline. They are committed to excellence and meeting the needs and ambitions of our valued clients.

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