Risk Management

From solid risk management to reductions in the cost of risk, we deliver the right outsourced risk management services for you.

Financial Institutions today recognize the importance risk management and risk oversight to support informed decisions and increased demand for transparency and all types of reporting. RiskCap addresses these challenges by providing risk management solutions depending on the firm’s structure. Our philosophy is client driven, and views are highly configurable, allowing complex analytics to be presented and reported easily.

Through our team we have identified 4 Service Levels, allowing tailoring to the specific needs of our clients. The services are:

  • RISK MANAGER – We offer clients a risk manager, whether through outsourcing or secondment, that fits the minimum requirements of regulations or who can provide a value-added service.
  • RISK SUPPORT – We offer support to a client’s risk manager with the day-to-day tasks of measuring and monitoring the risk exposures.
  • RISK REPORT – We provide, with regular frequency, reports on the major risk exposures (including but not limited to VaR, leverage monitoring, scenario analyses and stress-testing, liquidity risk, counterparty risk, performance and risk attribution analysis etc.).
  • RISK ADVISORY – Independent risk management consulting by offering advice and assistance to our clients.


Stay compliant with RiskCap’s consulting and support services.

Compliance challenges can come from many different directions. Sometimes, they come from the outside – such as regulatory change, escalating threats of enforcement action, supervisory demands, or from institutional investors. Other times the challenges are more internal – problematic processes or documentation, lack of specialist expertise, or requests from key stakeholders.

Today Compliance Officers often choose to work with outside experts on portions – small or larger – of day-to-day activities. This flexible approach ensures compliance requirements are fulfilled in a way that optimizes time and resources for the organization. Whether an organization is looking to meet a specific ongoing compliance need, or wishes to collaborate more broadly across a range of compliance requirements, RiskCap can help.

RiskCap’s Compliance Services include:

  • Second individuals to act as Compliance Officer and MLRO;
  • Provide regulatory compliance monitoring support;
  • Provide ad hoc advice on regulatory change;
  • Design, implement and embed a compliance infrastructure using a risk-based approach;
  • Review, update and benchmark any existing compliance policies and procedures;
  • Help maintain compliance policies and procedures;
  • Train staff on compliance and regulatory matters;
  • Conduct an annual mock inspection/audit which includes a thematic based approach to hot regulatory topics; and
  • Assist with any regulatory correspondence and inquiries;

Regulatory Reporting

We can help you identify your regulatory reporting obligations and review, draft and submit all the relevant reports.

We have systems for various reports including ANNEX IV, Form PF, OPERA, EMIR, MiFID transaction, and Solvency II reporting and the knowledge to assure the quality of your reports.

RiskCap can take care of it for you. We have systems for the various formats and the knowledge to assure the quality of your reports. The service basically means that we get digital content from you and then we handle the entire process.


If you need directors for hedge funds, fund managers, other financial institutions, SPVs or holding companies, we can support you. Independence has become an important and essential element in the operation of a company’s board of directors. For instance, directors who have no executive relationship are able to offer a truly independent and impartial service, thereby protecting the company’s interests and those of its investors.

Recent developments and upheavals in the financial services industry have highlighted the importance of appointing directors that are not only independent but who also have a detailed knowledge of the industry and how it works. Only by appointing such individuals can corporate governance really be effective. We understand the fiduciary obligations of the companies we serve and look to add significant value, providing investor comfort with minimal disruption to the company’s operations.

Ancillary Services

RiskCap sees itself as a business incubator for companies operating in the financial services industry. We foster the development of small to medium-sized firms by providing an all-inclusive solution for their growing business.

As part of this incubation service, we can provide book-keeping and payroll services, Shadow NAV accounting services, outsourced internal audit services, and office space (private office or dedicated desk space).