In the course of conducting our business operations, not only are our clients exposed to risks – so are we. These risks are monitored by senior management as well as external and independent auditors. We believe that the measures taken to safeguard against risks must be aligned with the clients’ overall strategic objectives and business drivers.

Our approach to risk management is designed to enhance our clients’ competitive advantage by optimizing their investment, protective their employees and enhancing their brand and reputation.

We aim to add flexibility and resilience to clients’ operations, which often reduces operating costs and improves efficiency and quality.

It is in our philosophy to:


Spread our Risk Culture

Risk Management is a core part of RiskCap’s culture.

Know the Risks

Risk Management involves identifying the risks by thoroughly understanding the investments and providing the best analytics and tools.

Open Communications

Risk Management in RiskCap depends on open information sharing and communication.

Manage Risk

Risk Management helps portfolio managers know and manage the risk in their investment portfolios.

Our Mission

RiskCap’s mission is centred on 3 core objectives

Leadership in Risk Management

practices locally (in Malta) and globally. Thus we are determined to do better than our competitors in quality, innovation, and value, and elevating RiskCap’s brand to become a leading risk specialist firm.


by delivering superior returns to our shareholders by pursuing new growth opportunities while maintaining a commitment to be responsible, ethical company and a global corporate citizen that is held as a model of success.


in the work environment by elevating the company’s leadership, including its high standards, respect for diversity and commitment to helping staff achieve their highest potential.

Company Values

Team Spirit

By building team spirit we are committed to mobilise the expertise and energy of all our employees to grow the relationship of trust we have with our customers. It is also a powerful tool for transforming our business.


We act with the utmost professionalism in our daily interactions both, with our colleagues and our clients. We understand our responsibilities and pursue our activities with integrity, rigour and ethics. This notably involves taking understanding, measuring and monitoring risks for our clients.


Innovation means anticipating future practices and staying a step ahead of our clients’ needs. How? By making our risk management service more useful, efficient and responsible. Our team tracks and analyses the latest risk methodologies and technological trends so as to improve our service and reputation.

Our Commitment

Our business is risk management. We are passionate about our work and intensely focused on performing at the highest levels. We aim to out-think and out-work competitors with our determination and commitment. We are committed to:

  • Being a proactive and ethical partner to our clients.
  • Providing our clients with cost-effective risk management solutions tailored to their needs and find the best balance of risk and return across their investment styles.
  • Sound risk management practices, including the integration of risk management throughout all levels of an organization as being fundamental to achieving a business’s strategic and operational objectives.
  • Assisting our clients implement a sound risk culture.
  • The identification, measurement, monitoring and management of risks wherever they present a threat or an opportunity to a client’s business objectives.
  • Complying with all applicable laws, regulations and policies.
  • Create a work environment that is designed to attract, develop and retain talent.
  • Diversity and the strength it gives us.